Double-sided Solar Panels Prove More Effective

The renewable energy sector is continuously expanding. While the development has grown bounds over the last few years, a discovery will change the industry by a more significant margin. According to information researchers working on developing renewable technologies have come up with a double-sided solar panel system

A look into the current power supply from solar panels shows that energy generation ranges between 15 and 25%. This discovery allows solar panels to be 30% more efficient. Conventional solar panels can only generate power from one side. However, a double-sided solar panel enables increased capacity to draw energy from two faces that face opposite directions. 

Previous entries in photovoltaic cells looked to bring different methods of energy generation. However, this entry is a shift in standard research by improving the current implementation of solar panel designs. These designs implement the use of reflected sun rays from the ground to generate electricity 

Researchers from the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore also developed a system that takes advantage of global positioning and weather monitoring from NASA’s orbit based satellites to tilt the solar panels into the best possible position to generate electricity. 

This system combines information from weather monitoring systems and double-sided panels to provide 35% more efficiency. The discovery is a milestone for the SERIS team lead by Rodriguez Gallegos; the new technological discovery holds promise to reduce energy generation costs by 16% 

According to Rodriguez, the system is likely to see further improvement in the coming years. The SERIS team hopes to integrate a bifacial tracking system into the panels. However, Rodriguez accepts that the project will not begin production for some time. He says that the exact effect of the solar panel will be known when it reaches the market. The project is currently underway, and the team hopes to begin mass production soon 

The solar industry still has several issues to solve. The most important one is the concern whether worn out solar panels can be used for different products or recycled. The as the industry stands there is no way to recycle worn-out panels, and old ones need to be disposed 

However, using this discovery, solar panels will be capable of providing more power output. This new technique will help ensure that the solar panels have a better chance of generating power in their lifetime. The solar panel is expected to be in the market soon enough and holds great promise for the renewable energy industry