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Space Operations Command gets control of AEHF-5 satellite control authority

On February 3, the United States of America Space Force and fifth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF-5) communications satellite of Missile Systems Center was forcefully relocated to Space Operations Command of Space Force.

After effective finishing of AEHF-5 on-orbit trying, Space and Missile Systems Center relocated Satellite Control Authority to the SpOC with AEHF-5 currently under the military operator control situated at Schriever Air Force Base in Colo. This significant accomplishment marks the last AEHF-5 landmark and the initial satellite transition to the warfighter underneath the Space Force of the United States of America.

Col John Dukes, who is a senior material leader at Space Production Corps Geosynchronous Orbit Division, stated that was a great deal a team effort coming from their firm associates and dedicated professionals of the government, with their aim on the success of the mission, this huge milestone was attained. He added that AEHF satellites play a primary role in the warfighter and the protection of their country. Space is essential to their lifestyle, their economy depends on space, and the reliance will keep on growing.

Debuted on August 8, 2019, on board was a United Launch Alliance Atlas-V 551 launch car, AEHF-5 of Space Force ensures constant health of the defended satellite communications constellation and its essential national security mission.  AEHF is a combined service satellite system of communications offering survivable, world, and protected, secure, and jam-resisting communications for military ground high priority sea and air belongings. AEHF provides ten times the throughput with a considerable increment in coverage for customers, giving satisfaction to the ever-growing requirement to offer higher data rates in a bid to support the warfighter globally.

AEHF offers coverage all over the spectrum of mission locations; this includes air, land and water warfare, special missions; strategic nuclear missions; planned defense, and operations of space and intelligence. AEHF also offers secluded satellite communications to international associates Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Australia. AEHF is the Milstar system follow-on that augments, enhances, and expands the Military Satellite Communications architecture of DOD.

The sixth and the last AEHF-6 satellite of Space Force is set for a send-off in the coming month, aboard an Atlas V of Air Force Station of Cape Canaveral. 

Space and Missile Systems Center of Space Force is based at the Air Force Base of Los Angeles in California.