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2020 Construction Market Report- Growth Opportunities And Strategies To 2030 | China Communications Construction Group Ltd

The research reports on Construction Market report gives detailed overview of factors that affect global business scope. Construction Market report shows the latest market insights with upcoming trends and breakdowns of products and services. This report provides statistics on the market situation, size, regions and growth factors. Construction Market report contains emerging players analyze data including competitive situations, sales, revenue and market share of top manufacturers.

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Top Company Profile Analysis in this Report

China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.; China Railway Group Ltd.; China Railway Construction Corporation Limited.; China Communications Construction Group Ltd.; Vinci S.A.

Construction Market Report provides the strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global construction market.

The report covers the following chapters

– Executive Summary – The executive summary section of the report gives a brief overview and summary of the report

– Report Structure – This section gives the structure of the report and the information covered in the various sections.

– Introduction – This section gives the segmentation of the construction market by geography and by product type covered in this report.

– Market Characteristics – The market characteristics section of the report defines and explains the construction market. This chapter includes different goods covered in the report and basic definitions.

– Value Chain – The section of the report defines and explains value chain of the construction industry.

– Product/Service Analysis – The product/service analysis section of the report describes the leading products/services in the market along with key features and differentiators for those products.

– Customer Information – This chapter covers recent customers’ trends/preferences in the global construction market.

– Trends And Strategies – This chapter describes the major trends shaping the global construction market. This section highlights likely future developments in the market and suggests approaches companies can take to exploit these opportunities.

– PESTEL Analysis – This chapter provides the market opportunity assessment using PESTEL analysis of the global construction market.

– Highest Valued Construction Projects – This section covers the highest valued global construction projects still under construction.

– Impact Of COVID-19 On The Construction Market – This chapter describes the COVID-19 impact on supply side, demand side factors and regulatory inventions. The section also provides brief overview of COVID impact in all the regions.

– Global Market Size And Growth – This section contains the global historic (2015-2019) and forecast (2019-2023), (2023-2025), and (2025-2030) market values, and drivers and restraints that support and restrain the growth of the market in the historic and forecast periods.

– Global Macro Comparison – The global construction market comparison with macro-economic factors gives the construction market size, percentage of GDP, and average construction market expenditure.

– Regional Analysis – This section contains the historic (2015-2019), and forecast (2019-2023), (2023-2025), and (2025-2030) market values and growth and market share comparison by region.

– Segmentation – This section contains the market values (2015-2030) and analysis for different segments in the market.

– Regional Market Size and Growth – This section contains the region’s market size (2019), historic and forecast (2015- 2023), (2023-2025), and (2025-2030) market values, and growth and market share comparison of major countries within the region. This report includes information on all the regions (Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa).

– Competitive Landscape – This section covers details on the competitive landscape of the global construction market, estimated market shares and company profiles of the leading players.

– Key Mergers And Acquisitions – This chapter gives the information on recent mergers and acquisitions in the market covered in the report. This section gives key financial details of mergers and acquisitions which have shaped the market in recent years.

– Market Opportunities And Strategies – This section includes market opportunities and strategies based on findings of the research. This section also gives information on growth opportunities across countries, segments and strategies to be followed in those markets. It gives an understanding of where there is significant business to be gained by competitors in the next five years.

– Conclusions And Recommendations – This section includes conclusions and recommendations based on findings of the research. This section gives information on growth opportunities across countries, segments and strategies to be followed in those markets. It gives an understanding of where there is significant business to be gained by competitors in the next five years.

– Appendix – This section includes details on the NAICS codes covered, abbreviations and currencies codes used in this report.

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Reasons to Purchase this Report-

– Outperform competitors using accurate up to date demand-side dynamics information.

– Understand how the market is being affected by the coronavirus and how it is likely to emerge and grow as the impact of the virus abates.

– Identify growth segments for investment.

– Facilitate decision making on the basis of historic and forecast data and the drivers and restraints on the market.

– Create regional and country strategies on the basis of local data and analysis.

– Stay abreast of the latest customer and market research findings

– Benchmark performance against key competitors.

– Develop strategies based on likely future developments.

– Utilize the relationships between key data sets for superior strategizing.

– Suitable for supporting your internal and external presentations with reliable high quality data and analysis

– Gain a global perspective on the development of the market.

Table of Contents in this Report-
1. Construction Market Executive Summary

2.Table of Contents
3.List of Figures
4.List of Tables

5. Report Structure
6. Introduction
6.1.1. Segmentation By Geography
6.1.2. Segmentation By Type
6.1.3. Segmentation By End-User Sector
7. Construction Market Characteristics
7.1. Market Definition
7.2. Market Segmentation By Type Of Construction
7.2.1. Buildings Construction
7.2.2. Heavy And Civil Engineering Construction
7.2.3. Specialty Trade Contractors
7.2.4. Land Planning And Development
7.3. Market Segmentation By Type Of End-User Sector
7.3.1. Public
7.3.2. Private
8. Construction Market, Product/Service Analysis –Product/Service Examples
9. Construction Market, Value Chain Analysis
10. Construction Market Customer Information
10.1. Customer Preferences
10.2. Labor Shortage In The Construction Industry
10.3. Off-Site Construction
10.4. Lower Importance For Worker Safety
10.5. Builders’ Profit Percentage In Homes
10.6. Top Technology Trends And Applications In The Construction Industry
10.7. Contractors Do Not Use Safety Technology
10.8. Lack Of Qualified Craft Workers In The Construction Industry
10.9. Use Of Recycled Materials In Roads And Pavements Construction
10.10. Homebuyers Prefer Energy Efficient Homes
10.11. Labor Shortage And Building Material Prices A Cause Of Concern
10.12. End Use Market Size and Growth
11. Construction Market Trends And Strategies
11.1. Use Of Autonomous Construction Vehicles
11.2. Green Construction Projects
11.3. Digital Technologies Are Improving Construction Safety
11.4. Prefabrication Of Construction Projects
11.5. Increase In Productivity Of Marine Contractors
12. Construction Market Opportunity Assessment, PESTEL Analysis
12.1. Political
12.1.1. Government Policies
12.1.2. Public Infrastructure Developments
12.1.3. Political Instability And Terrorism
12.1.4. Corruption Affecting Construction Market In Developing Countries
12.1.5. Trade Restrictions
12.1.6. Labor Law
12.1.7. COVID-19 Impact Is Expected To Stall Construction Projects
12.2. Economic
12.2.1. Public-Private Partnerships
12.2.2. Globalization
12.2.3. Emerging Markets
12.2.4. High Interest Rates
12.2.5. Rise In Disposable Income
12.2.6. Increase In Inflation Rates
12.3. Social
12.3.1. Millennials
12.3.2. Rapid Urbanization
12.3.3. COVID Effect On Health Consciousness
12.3.4. Aging Global Populations
12.4. Technological
12.4.1. Smart Buildings
12.4.2. Smart Highways
12.4.3. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
12.5. Environmental
12.5.1. Extreme Weather Conditions
12.5.2. Growing Environmental Consciousness
12.6. Legal
12.6.1. Stringent Regulations
13. Highest Valued Construction Projects
13.1. King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia
13.2. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project, India
13.3. South to North Water Transfer Project, China
13.4. High Speed 2, UK
13.5. Dubailand, UAE
13.6. California High Speed Rail, USA
13.7. Chuo Shinkansen Maglev Project
13.8. Al Maktoum International Airport, UAE
13.9. Crossrail London
14. Construction Market, COVID Impact Analysis
14.1. Impact On The Global Construction Industry Supply Chain

and more…